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Striker Accessories

Pre-Wet System

The pre-wet system accessory allows the operator to activate deicing material by applying a liquid deicing agent directly on the material prior to leaving the hopper, providing you with increased material efficiency and superior ice control.

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Part Number
ON/OFF Pump Kit
Full Feature Pump Kit, WESTERN
Pre-Wet 50 gal Tank Kit* (Two 25 gal tanks)
Pre-Wet 100 gal Tank Kit* (Two 50 gal tanks)
*Additional tank kits are not compatible with a vibrator

Central Point Grease Kit

The Central Point Grease Kit provides easy access to grease points, simplifying preventative maintenance greasing that is essential to maximize bearing life.

Part Number
#11763 For all models

Spill Guard Kit

Available in 50" and 70" widths to cover the full range of Striker hopper spreaders, the Spill Guard Kit provides the loader with an improved line of sight to the hopper edges, while preventing material from overflowing into the bed of the truck from off-center loading.

Part Number
70" Kit
50" Kit

License Plate Kit

Stay street legal with this illuminated License Plate Kit for your alternate license plate location. Providing convenient mount methods and lighting in a high impact plastic casing, the license plate kit allows you to move your license to a spot that is visible and legally compliant. Don't leave without it.

Part Number
#99686 For all models

Work Light Kit

See more to do more with the Work Light Kit for better visibility at the rear of your spreader at night. Encased in anodized aluminum, and good to less than minus 20 degrees, this LED work light will put over 1000 lumens where you need them, when you need them. The LEDs mean low amp draw, so you can easily use more than one (see our Additional Work Light Kit, PN 99732-1).

Part Number
#99505-1 For all models

Additional Work Light Kit

Add more lights to your spreader. Easily and conveniently add one, two, or even more lights with this kit. Each additional light puts another 1,000 lumens at your command and is easy to integrate with your original Work Light Kit (see PN 99505-1).

Part Number
#99732-1 For all models

Strobe Light Kit

Make sure you're seen, day or night, with our Strobe Lights for added visibility during operation. Encased in high impact plastic, this yellow LED strobe works in temperatures as cold as -20°F and will ensure that you're seen in all but the worst of conditions. Make sure you spread safely with strobe light markers.

Part Number
#99494 For all models

Vibrator Kit

Loosen up with this Vibrator Kit to help move stubborn material and prevent bridging. Featuring a 200V DC vibrator motor in a metal housing, our vibrator will help prevent bridging and clogging, improving material flow so you can do your job faster and better.

Part Number
#76668 For all models*
*Only compatible with one 50 gal pre-wet tank kit or
one 100 gal pre-wet tank kit

Tie-Down Chain Kit

Tie-Down Chain Kit for additional in-bed stability and security. 72" of high strength steel chain and binder allow you to add an extra measure of safety as you move tons of salt down the road. (Hoppers require bolting to the truck frame for proper operator safety.)

Part Number
#99690 For all models

6” Side Extensions

Hold more material in your Striker stainless steel hopper spreader with these 6" extension kits. Each kit contains the brackets needed to add up to several more cubic yards of capacity for each hopper (wooden boards not included).

Part Number
#99488 For all models

Master Accessory Harness

Integrate all your accessories with this convenient kit. Includes all the wiring needed to go from cab to spreader, an in-cab control panel, and rear of hopper storage for accessory fuses and relays, allowing total integration of our plug and play accessories. Hydraulic model master accessory harness kit shown.

Part Number
For all gas models
For all hydraulic models

Dielectric Grease

Don’t risk corrosion problems—use WESTERN® dielectric grease! Western Products recommends all owners consistently use our special formulation dielectric grease to protect all electrical connections in the tough winter snow, ice, and salt conditions.

Part Number
#49326 2 oz. tube