NIGHTHAWK Halogen Headlamps

The all-new NIGHTHAWK dual-halogen headlamps, standard on all WESTERN® truck plows, now feature separate cavities for the low-beam and high-beam lamps. With reflectors designed specifically for each mode, the low and high beams perform better than ever before.

The low-beam pattern is now 17% brighter and 6% wider. This puts more light down immediately in front of the plow when you're pushing.

NIGHTHAWK™ Halogen Headlamps Light Pattern

The improved high-beam pattern makes it easier for late-night operators to see road hazards while traveling between jobs. In high-beam mode, the NIGHTHAWK headlamps are 36% brighter and throw 35% farther down the road than our previous headlamps.

An ultra-reliable, dual-adhesive seal minimizes water ingression, while the GORE-TEX® patch-protected vent allows humidity and condensation to escape without letting moisture in.

An enhanced mounting bracket design provides vibration dampening, along with better structural balance and flexibility, to provide reliable, trouble-free service.

The updated headlamp casings are also 3" – 3½" shallower, so they won't get in the way when opening hoods on certain truck models.