UltraMount® Snowplow Mounting System

The UltraMount® system is designed for fast and easy installation and removal using a simple mechanical system. It features a robust one-piece design and is 100% compatible with UltraMount® 2 system mounts and electrical platforms.

Exclusive Rotating Pivot Bar

The patented PIVOT BAR keeps the attaching points level even when the blade is not, for accurate drive-in alignment. It also allows the blade to pivot while plowing on uneven terrain for a cleaner scrape and more even cutting edge wear.

Quick and Easy Attachment

Drive into the extra-wide flared receiver brackets. Pull the shoe handle up, pull the lock pin and rotate the handle up. Plug in the electrical connections. That's it!

Removeable Receiver Brackets

Quickly maximize vehicle ground clearance in the off-season with removable receiver brackets. No tools required.

Durable Construction

The entire UltraMount attachment is built upon a robust A-frame/T-frame construction with three-inch square tubing for extra strength and durability.