Flared Wings for Efficiency

Maximize snow plowing efficiency at the touch of a button with Retracted Straight, Expanded Straight, Windrow and Scoop modes.

• The Retracted Straight position is perfect for narrow access areas, such as drive-through lanes, or for traveling between job sites. 

• The Expanded Straight position gives you 25% more blade surface, so you can take wider passes in large wide-open spaces. 

• For unmatched windrowing productivity, angle the leading wing forward with the trailing wing extended, and you can use the full blade with minimal spill-off and reduced cleanup time. 

• For the ultimate snow-carrying capacity, angle both wings forward to configure the plow into scoop mode.

• Fully angle the blade in any position for additional snow plowing applications.

• The versatility of the WIDE-OUT adjustable wing snow plow helps you move up to 30% more snow, no matter the job.

WIDE-OUT vs V-Plow Cornering Animation

A V-Plow in Scoop Mode is fixed in a straight-forward position, and can lose snow when cornering.

The WIDE-OUT snowplow can fully angle in the scoop position to effectively carry more snow around corners.

WIDE-OUT vs Straight Blade Plow Animation